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Perl: Reversing a text by Word

$text="Welcom to www.tubedir.com";
print("Before :n",$text,"
@myWords    = split(" ", $text);
#start reversing
$reversedWords   = join(" ", rever

Perl: increment a string

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
$a = "al";
print ++$a, "n";   # "am"
$a = "Xs";
print ++$a, "n";    #"Xt"

Perl: Converting Between Characters and Values

foreach $elem(0..255)
 # print the character represented by a given number
foreach $elem("a".."

Perl: Scalars Examples

$string = "Welcom to perl.tubedir.com?";
$int = 150;
$float = 3.14159;
$tabref = [ "Perl", "Python", "Java" ];
$hashref = { "Perl" => 2500, "Java" =>

Perl: case insensitive compare

$a="welcom to perl.tubedir.com";
if (uc($a) eq uc($b))
    print "OK";

Perl: assignment and incrementation examples

foreach $val(1..9) 

Perl: Controlling Case

# converting to uppercase
print uc("welcom perl.tubedir.comn");
print "Uwelcom perl.tubedir.comn";
# converting to lowercase

Perl: Using auto-increment operator for a alphanumeric value

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
$a = "x9";    #alphanumeric
#After pre-increment
print ++$a, "n";         # "y0"
$a = "z5";
#After post-increment
print $a,

Perl: Accessing Substrings

$string = "Perl Examples and tutorial";
$first  = substr($string, 0, 1);
printf("First character from index 0=%sn",$first);
$start  =

Perl: How to supply a default value to a scalar variable

# use $x if $x is true, else $y
$a = $x || $y;
# set $a to $b unless $a is already true
$a ||= $b;
# use $b if $b is defined, else $c
$a = defined($b

Perl: Example of post and pre increment

$c = 5;
$d = 5;
printf("Before post increment 'c'=%dn",$c);
printf("post increment 'c' =%dn",$c++);  # $c=5
printf("After post increment 'c'=%dn",$c)

Perl: Finding Today’s Date

use Time::localtime;
$tm = localtime;
($day, $month, $year) = ($tm->mday, $tm->mon, $tm->year);

Perl: Left shift Example

print 2 << 4,"
print 0b01000000 << 4,"

Perl: calculate power using **

foreach $val(1..9)  
   printf("2 power $val=%d